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In the beginning there was but the Word:


no mortal mind can know the Word in full for it contains all knowledge and all Power, and only that which is Itself the Word can know or understand potentially.


But through a mighty action the Word was imaged into primal form;


in form so fine that only Cause could know its attributes or view its being.


It incarnated through the whole of substance and impregnated all matter with Its presence till in the place of a tremendous void there grew the second or the form-creation.


Virgin was this creation in the image of the Word, and filled with all the power of pure wholeness, for it was but one great united form, the body of Cosmic Cause whom we in reverence have called "The Word."


Throughout all space the Word reverberated;


It set in motion all the Primal Essence until the whole span of Infinity swayed to the Heart-beat of the Mighty Oneness.


Rhythm on rhythm rose and fell in one great undivided harmony, for deep within the bosom of the Word there surged the wondrous Love Song of Creation.


Greater and greater the Heart of Space was stirred until at last the Song was breathed into a living thing.


Each motion as an elemental tone within the mighty symphony and every tiny particle of substance was tuned into accord with every other unit in all space.


And thus the impulse of Cosmic Will became a law that ne'er can broken be within the scope of everlasting action.


(This Law involves the principle of true affinity.)


Were it possible for any of the Cosmic vibrations to unite contrary to this Primal Law and cause a discord in the mighty paeon their span of such expression would be contained within one moment's quivering vibration, for discord cannot last within the Whole whose very fact of being rests upon the immutable law of harmony.


There is no loss of equilibrium within the scope of Cosmic Rhythm that shall not be again absorbed and reunited into Wholeness.


For nothing can break the Melody that has forever throbbed within the Heart of That which is, Itself, Infinity.


Creation as a whole makes up the song that rises and falls in its impassioned cadence, expressing in the glory of calm Silence all that the Word has been, is, and shall be;


voicing with soundless sounds and formless beauty the pulsing force that blends and inter-blends into new rhythms.


The Breath of the All-Creative Intelligence is sent forth in peaceful, silent tones of consciousness and in the womb of illimitable space each new creation stirs with quickened life and becomes another true note in the endless Song of Action.


Out of Cosmic Cause are worlds and planets whirled into existence;


out of such formless beauty has evolved form upon form until at last there came one form so perfect in its geometric pattern that it possessed the possibilities of understanding Cause.


And so into this form was poured the Breath which speaks the rhythm of creation into being, and it was given power to perceive all existence;


and it was also blessed with power to name that which before had been but nameless.


And this creation, highest of them all, was known as Man, born out of That which has no ending;


given dominion, consciousness and love and power over all the lesser things.


But he descended into depths of sleep, became unconscious of the vaster kingdoms, forgetful of the Glory that exists and dreamed, instead, into existence, the changing image of mortality.


Oh, Son of God and Son of Man, lift up all things within your sight;


let your heart make known that which the sight doth not reveal and from the womb of Cosmic Cause which is the source of all creation awaken into the birth of a Magnificent Perception.


Awaken into the realm of true Being.


Let the strong fingers of your will draw you again into full consciousness.


Rise from your earthly couch of slumber and perceive the beauty of your present Existence.


This Planet earth that we call our home was brought into its present state of being through that cosmic law of affinity, the great magnetic principle of attraction, and all that therein grows and multiplies is of the one and only Cosmic Power.


Each form that with our mortal eyes we view is but a point of action in the whole - a minute bit of elemental substance moving to ever changing patterns and designs;


impelled and impregnated with all-abiding consciousness.


There is no tiniest unit in the Whole that does not bend an ear to the Law which Fathers it and causes it to be.


And all that we perceive with mortal eyes and know with our consciousness is but the effective image of the Cause Intelligence, which formless is, yet causes forms to be;


which knows no limitations and no bonds yet creates transient dense conditions that move and change within the bosom of incomprehensible Eternity.


And every unit in the whole of Being, each atom and each spark of consciousness reveals without a mark of limitation, if we but seek its heart, the perfect image of Infinity.


And each of the little passing points of action which we in earthly terms have labeled time, speak within the moment of their being the fullness of Eternity.


Just as the drop of water from the ocean reveals the character of that from which it came;


and every sunbeam traveling through space reflects the composition of the sun and revibrates the image of that orb in all of the glory of its full expression.


We, as children of the Cosmos, are in the process of reflecting the understanding of our Source.


All action is the echo of the Word as It passes through the vast arcades of space, and in Its passing creates time and form.


We must open our eyes of consciousness and view in all Its magnitude and beauty, the living, breathing image of the Word.




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